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February 28, 2022 martin hardy

3G Pitch Maintenance and Rubber Crumb Top Up


Here we are on a 3G Rubber Crumb Pitch in Norfolk at a sports facility we carry out 2 maintenance visits a year for this particular customer once in early spring and in October. The customer contacted us for professional advice for there 3G Pitch Maintenance they were experiencing problems with there Full Size 3G Pitch with debris caught up in the Rubber Crumb Infill and the players were finding the surface very slippery even in the dry weather but in the wet quit unplayable plus the pitch was very very hard . The consequences of the surface playing as it was were booking on the decline word of mouth not to kind and a new 3G Pitch newly opened 6 miles away it was such a big loss of revenue especially when you have a Full Size 3G Pitch and you have it set up for cross play so you should be running 3 games at a time most days and especially evenings.
After Artificial Turf Care had done our site visit on the customers Full Size 3G Pitch with some simple testing and looking at the surface we arranged a meeting . The right people need to be at the meeting and I think it is very important to have it on the 3G Pitch because it is all visual and feel. We had our meeting with facilities manager bookings clerk and grounds maintenance 2 of these people have never been on the pitch that it is so important to get on the pitch to formulate a plan going forwards.
The 3G Pitch it turns out was only being lightly brushed every couple of mouths so nowhere near enough and the rubber crumb levels had dropped quit low. So we set a new 3G Pitch Maintenance regime for the customer and we built them a bespoke heavy drag brush for much more efficiency to be done on a weekly basis.
Meanwhile we carried out a 2 day Intensive Maintenance Visit on the 3G Pitch Deep Cleaning and carrying out a 5 ton Rubber Crumb Top Up the results were fantastic the 3G Pitch Maintenance regime is working well we have set and the players are flocking back and now the facility is hosting boot camp sessions as well so by working together we are prolonging the life of this 3G Pitch.

Happy Customer

Martin Hardy

Artificial Turf Care

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