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February 25, 2022 martin hardy

Tennis Courts Maintenance Moss Problems


                   Tennis Court Maintenance

                   Moss On Tennis Courts




Moss everywhere on my Tennis Court Maintenance is needed the perfect time of year for moss growth the warmth of the sun is getting less and less a long with colder over night temperatures the growing season is here. There are a few things that help with the growth of moss and algae a general lack of maintenance

but maintenance can take different forms and that can be the Tennis Court or Pitch surroundings Sports fencing and whats behind it large shrubs and bushes can block out the much needed sunlight to help dry off the surface.

But one of the biggest problems can come from the shedding that takes place from the bushes trees and shrubs if the right maintenance regime is not implemented and the debris is left it will brake down quit quickly and get worked in bye foot fall as it is a sports surface it going to happen

Drainage can be a real issue as well this can be down to the sub base being damaged we have seen this on a few occasions where there is floodlighting normally a Tennis Club with multiple Courts or a full size Synthetic Pitch where extra height equipment has been used to access floodlighting for repair or general maintenance.

The sub base under the carpet is normally soft stone or porous Tar Macadam this must not get compressed as it will stop or slow down the drainage of the sports surface and course flooding issues and in turn in courage Moss and Algae.

But the most likely course is simply down to bad or no Maintenance being implemented and if Maintenance is carried out in the right way and timed right you can almost eradicate the need for expensive and aggressive chemicals.

Tune in next time for Tips On Tennis Court Maintenance and Synthetic Pitch Maintenance.

Martin Hardy

Artificial Turf Care

Passionate About Maintenance

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